About This Trip

Welcome to our BikePacking trip for 2012!

This trip is a five-day, four-night bike ride from the C&O Canal headed to the Great Allegheny Passageway. We will camp or stay at Bed and Breakfasts along the way. We plan on doing 50 miles or more per day, stopping at campgrounds on the trails to camp.

This trip is self-supporting, meaning you have to carry everything you’re bringing including your tent, sleeping gear and some food. Some people will share tents, etc to reduce the amount of gear you carry.

This is a rookie ride. We welcome Mountain Bikes, Converted Road bikes, Cyclo-Cross and Recumbents & Trikes.

This is NOT a race, but instead a gentle ride to see great scenery and historical sites. We’ll be camping and having a blast along the way. The trail is finely packed limestone with some paved areas. There is little to no car traffic.

We have a good group going already ranging from 20 somethings to fifty something year olds. A great way to spend some great time with great people.

You may find that you have to outfit your bike for this trip including racks, panniers, backpacks, etc, but we’ve found that for under a 100 bucks, you’ll be all set. Remember, you need to carry all of your own gear, so pack lightly. Leave the makeup and iPads at home, this is a “back to nature” type of trip. It will be filmed and documented for a video when we get back.

People are coming from as far as Pittsburgh, south Jersey and Virginia to do this trip. We are carpooling and meeting at a single place to do the ride. We all leave together and stay together. This is a learning trip for some, so we all will help each other as much as we can.

Showers and Laundry facilities should be along the way, so don’t worry about stinking up the place. There are accommodations and laundries at certain camp sites. You’ll find checklists and more information about this trip on our website at https://bikepack.wordpress.com

Happy trails!



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